It's A Sin

It's A Sin
Channel 4

JAMVFX teamed up with 4creative on the social campaign for the hotly anticipated new 5-part series ‘Its a Sin’, from BAFTA-winning writer Russell T Davies.

The ‘fly posters’ were the main social focus, bringing to life each of the characters and their personalities in a fun, attention grabbing way.
We transition between each of the cast through them ‘tearing’ their own poster to reveal the next character. Sometimes this is a literal grab and tear, sometimes this is motivated by a quick spin or turn to camera.
To bring the scene to life they feature a hint of the wall and world beyond. Other remnants of torn posters, stickers, graffiti and ambient light fill the scene.
The polaroid assets were crafted like a moving flipbook—polaroids stack up on each other, creating the illusion of movement with an 80’s vibe, as we cycle through introducing each of the characters.

It’s A Sin follows the story of the 1980s, the story of AIDS, and charts the joy and heartbreak of a group of friends across a decade in which everything changed.

Olly Alexander leads a cast which also features Keeley Hawes, Stephen Fry, Neil Patrick Harris, Tracy Ann Oberman, Shaun Dooley, Omari Douglas, Callum Scott Howells, Nathaniel Curtis and Lydia West.
Client:   4Creative
Director: James Henry
Creative:   Chris Rice
Producer:  Madeleine Smith
VFX LEAD: Dan Andrew
VFX CGI: Antoni Bartrolli / Alessandro Mariotti
VFX producer: Jordan Andreopoulos
VFX line producer: Angus Berryman

Branston: Voice Mail

Branston: Voice Mail
Wonderhood Studios

JAMVFX were thrilled to undertake all online post duties on Knucklehead director Charlotte Regan’s latest commercial for Branston Pickle, through Wonderhood Studios’ creative arm.

Titled ‘Voice Mail’- it tells the story of a new arrival to the big city. Narrated throughout by our heroine’s mum, imparting her reassurance, advice, confidence, and most importantly, mailing a surprise care package consisting of a jar of Branston Pickle.
Highlighting Charlotte Regan’s gift of capturing honesty, authenticity and good feeling, JAMVFX’ s head of colour, Dave Ludlam, adds his usual sheen and a warm, earthy colour palette, with a final polish and clean up by Mark Robinson.

Creative Agency: Wonderhood Studios
Creatives: Stacey Bird and Jack Croft
Agency Producer: Nikki Holbrow
Production Company:  Knucklehead
Director: Charlotte Regan
Producer: Francis Mildmay-White
Post Producer: Layla Testi
Post Production EP: Matt Francis
VFX artist: Mark Robinson 
Colourist: Dave Ludlam

Legoland: Mythica

Legoland: Mythica
This Is Now

Agency: This is Now
Producer: David Jones
Creatives: Martin Reed and Ben da Costa
Colourist: Dave Ludlam
Flame Artist: Mark Robinson
CG Artist: Alessandro Mariotti
VFX Producer: Evren Olgun-Knight

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels
Thomas Thomas

Creative Agency:Public
Film Production: Thomas Thomas
Director: Kevin Thomas
Producer: Trent Simpson
Executive Producer: Philippa Thomas
Cinematographer: Bob Pendar-Hughes
Production Designer: Ashling Johnson
Editor: Scot Crane The Quarry
Post Production: JAMVFX
Colourist: Dave Ludlam
Sound Designer: Mike Bovill 750MPH 

Aldi: Roast Dinners

Aldi: Roast Dinners
McCann Manchester

Production Company: Mad Cow Films
Director: Mark Emberton
Producer: Nicholas Unsworth
Creative Agency: McCann Manchester
Creatives: Sean Carey & Conrad Robson
Agency Producer: Phil Kerr/Fiona Williams
Post Production: JAMVFX
Grade: Dave Ludlam
Online: Pete Young
Post Production Producer: Layla Testi
Audio: Redlight

Fox's: Fabulous Moments

Fox's: Fabulous Moments
McCann Manchester

Agency: McCann Manchester
Deputy Creative Director: Mick Craven
Senior Producer: Kal Tank
Production Company: 2AM
Director: Jason Lowe
Executive Producer: Nick Crabb
Post Production:JAMVFX
Grade: Dave Ludlam
Online: Matt Clarke
Post Production Producer: Evren Olgun-Knight


The Brooklyn Brothers | 2AM

For their first TV campaign WaterWipes wanted to change the narrative of the standard, airbrushed baby wipe commercial, to show the beautiful realities of parenthood – the rashes, bumps and lumps, the glorious imperfections and challenges, not the pampered, filtered unrealities of perfect skin and model babies.

Together with The Brooklyn Brothers, WaterWipes called upon Director Jason Lowe and 2AM to show babies’ skin in ways we haven’t seen before in national TV advertising, to present an intimate and truthful documentation of delicate, sensitive skin and real, everyday parenthood. Enlisting the phenomenal street casting of Anna McAuley and the breathtaking natural camera work of DOP Suzie Lavelle (Normal People), the team travelled across the country to visit ‘authentic’ families and babies of all backgrounds, ages and circumstances.  Jason and Susie caught the action of the babies beautifully and approached Dave Ludlam here at JAMVFX to delicately added a soft smooth look to the final piece working with the natural aesthetic.

Positive and inspiring, the film tackles taboos, explores the honest reality of parenthood and captures love to create a joyful celebration of imperfection and parental obsession.


Creative Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers
Creatives: Cali Oliver & Hannah Drury
Senior Account Director: Georgia Dixon
TV Producer: Sasha Mantel

Production Company: 2AM
Director: Jason Lowe
Executive Producer / MD: Nick Crabb
Executive Producer: Aly Moffat
Producer: Chris Cable
Production Manager: Gareth Crothers

DOP: Suzie Lavelle
Casting Director: Anna McAuley
Editor: Matt Chodan @ Gorilla
Grade: Dave Ludlam @ JAM VFX
Lead Flame Artist: Matt Clarke @ JAM VFX

Range Rover (SV) - Seldom Seen

Range Rover (SV) - Seldom Seen
Spark 44

Agency: Spark44
CCO Brian Fraser
ECD: Mark Lindley
Creative Director: Mick Foden
Editor/ Director: Alex Carvalho
Senior Producer: Maggie Blundell
Assistant Producer: Elizabeth Newton
Strategist: Elsie Doolan
Business Director: Jon Topping
Account Executive: Fran Davies

Grade: David Ludlam
Online VFX: Mark Robinson & Matt Clarke

All Creatures Great And Small

All Creatures Great And Small
Channel 5

JAM VFX are thrilled to have been working on the launch of channel 5’s new series of All Creatures Great and Small. JAM VFX was involved in the launch campaign prior to lockdown when a live action shoot was scheduled to capture the Yorkshire Dales along side a small studio shoot with animals.

Obviously lockdown put a stop to most of the live action. So in conjunction with print, The Yorkshire Dales was recreated in a matte painting with stock elements. JAM VFX took the finished print still of the dales and disassembled it to create a projection in NUKE. This projection was then combined with elements from the stills shoot of the cast and animals to create a subtle cinemagraph sequence for outdoor digital installations.

Another series of composites we’re created for the shows on air countdowns. These consisted of the projected print plate and some live action plates of animals which were shot in a studio just before lockdown.
These were then graded and composited together to create the finished countdowns.

All work was finished seamlessly with the JAM VFX remote team, who are looking forward to the shows launch this September.

Director – Waiel Al-Nour
Creative Director – Alex
CH5 Producer – Kate Boddington – (Heidi Stephenson/ Mary Rose)
Nuke – Dan Andrew / JAM VFX

Gillette Skin Guard

Gillette Skin Guard

With shooting almost 100 locations in two days virtually impossible, Grey London came to us to find a solution.

JAMVFX opted to shoot lifestyle portraits and product shots in front of a green screen at Dukes Island Studio’s red stage. In post production, we composited these over high resolution stock images, matching them precisely to the locations and backgrounds – adjusting and fine tuning variances in lighting and camera angles – and aligning all visual elements seamlessly. To the casual viewer, it looks like a multi-location shoot.

The end result is a continuous stream of engaging, high paced, ‘day in the life’ vignettes that tell a story.


Agency: Grey London
Director/Stills: Edward Cooke (WMA)
Producer: Kate Rowland / Joe Thornber
Executive Producer: Matt Francis
Agency Producer: Talou Sabbah
Creative: David Hilliard / Gavin Kellet
Editor: Hugo Vaughan-Hughes
Post-Producer: Kayleigh McDonald / Evren Olgen
VFX: Matthew Clarke
Grade: Dave Ludlam