Worzel Gummidge - Guy Forks

Worzel Gummidge - Guy Forks

Worzel Gummidge Series 2 – Episode 1 Guy Forks

Mackenzie Crook reunites with Detectorists’ star Toby Jones in a new episode of his critically acclaimed adaptation of Worzel Gummidge.

After a successful series 1, JAM VFX was approached by Leopard Pictures to work on 3 new episodes for Series 2. Mackenzie has created three new one-hour films: Guy Forks, Twitchers, and Calliope Jane – inspired by the classic books by Barbara Euphan Todd, in which he once again directs and stars.

The JAM team was tasked with creating crows, choughs, and a robin, Worzel’s very close companion Winter George.  It would have been lovely to use the real-life Robin that Mackenzie tamed in his garden a few years ago, and it was a topic of discussion at pre-production but for various reasons, this was not feasible.  He did however serve as the perfect reference and our cgi version was created in his image.


Written and Directed by Mackenzie crook

Executive Producer – Kristian Smith

Producer by Matt Carver

Production Company – Leopard Pictures

VFX Executive Producer: Jordan Andreopoulos

VFX Producer: Layla Testi

VFX Line producer: Angus Berryman

VFX Supervisors: Mark Robinson, Pete Young, Matt Clarke

Compositors: Dan Andrew, Giles Hicks, Rich Barns, Matt Wilmshurst, Chris Jones, Lem Lawrence, Jon Berridge, Paul Gill

CG Supervisor: Jaime Fernandez Muro

3D Artists: Zoubein Rana, Alessandro Mariotti

3D Animators: Nick Smith, Thomas Buiron