We design, craft and deliver
high-end visual effects

An Independent VFX studio, We design, craft and deliver High End VFX, We love what we do! JAM VFX, based in Angel East London, has been steadily crafting its reputation as an outstanding visual effects company for a decade. The genesis of the company came from the fusion of the talents of VFX Supervisor/Flame artist Mark Robinson and Producer Jordan Andreopoulos. After a decade dedicated to refining their expertise, they made the pivotal decision to transition away from Soho, and embark on an independent venture.

The hallmark of JAM VFX lies in their personalised approach to projects, meticulous attention to detail, and the adaptive capability to tailor solutions to individual needs. This dedication has garnered the company widespread respect across the industry.Whatever the scope of your project, we stand ready to assist you.


Reach out to us at [email protected] or call tel:+442038198999.

“ I’d work with Jam again in a heartbeat. Their pragmatic and imaginative approach to
each and every task made everything possible. ”

Lucy Tcherniak | Director: End of The F**king World

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