Gillette Skin Guard

Gillette Skin Guard

With shooting almost 100 locations in two days virtually impossible, Grey London came to us to find a solution.

JAMVFX opted to shoot lifestyle portraits and product shots in front of a green screen at Dukes Island Studio’s red stage. In post production, we composited these over high resolution stock images, matching them precisely to the locations and backgrounds – adjusting and fine tuning variances in lighting and camera angles – and aligning all visual elements seamlessly. To the casual viewer, it looks like a multi-location shoot.

The end result is a continuous stream of engaging, high paced, ‘day in the life’ vignettes that tell a story.


Agency: Grey London
Director/Stills: Edward Cooke (WMA)
Producer: Kate Rowland / Joe Thornber
Executive Producer: Matt Francis
Agency Producer: Talou Sabbah
Creative: David Hilliard / Gavin Kellet
Editor: Hugo Vaughan-Hughes
Post-Producer: Kayleigh McDonald / Evren Olgen
VFX: Matthew Clarke
Grade: Dave Ludlam