JAM VFX are thrilled to have been working on the launch of channel 5’s new series of All Creatures Great and Small. JAM VFX was involved in the launch campaign prior to lockdown when a live action shoot was scheduled to capture the Yorkshire Dales along side a small studio shoot with animals.

Obviously lockdown put a stop to most of the live action. So in conjunction with print, The Yorkshire Dales was recreated in a matte painting with stock elements. JAM VFX took the finished print still of the dales and disassembled it to create a projection in NUKE. This projection was then combined with elements from the stills shoot of the cast and animals to create a subtle cinemagraph sequence for outdoor digital installations.

Another series of composites we’re created for the shows on air countdowns. These consisted of the projected print plate and some live action plates of animals which were shot in a studio just before lockdown.
These were then graded and composited together to create the finished countdowns.

All work was finished seamlessly with the JAM VFX remote team, who are looking forward to the shows launch this September.


Director – Waiel Al-Nour
Creative Director – Alex
CH5 Producer – Kate Boddington – (Heidi Stephenson/ Mary Rose)
Nuke – Dan Andrew / JAM VFX