JAM worked with the production team at Broke and Bones providing VFX for four out if the five episodes for Season 6 of Black Mirror.

JAM was first approached by director John Crowley to work on Episode 3, Beyond the Sea. For this episode, the JAM team embellished a complex and memorable VFX scene, mixing VFX with animatronics to show one of the space crew’s arms being severed off.

The team also composited digital matte paintings of Massachusetts into plates shot in Rye and designed futuristic digital displays to be integrated into devices on board the space station.JAM was later commissioned to pick up shots across a further three of the additional four episodes.

The VFX work included working on Demon 79 in which the demon Gaap appears shrouded in smoke and at one point dissipates with a puff of smoke. In Joan is Awful JAM added glitch effects to the server room as the ‘Quomputer’ is destroyed. And in Maisy Day JAM completed invisible effects in the form of modesty clean up.




Director – John Crowley,  Ally Pankiw,  Uta Briesewitz  and Toby Haynes 

Writer – Charlie Brooker 

Executive Producers – Charlie Brooker, Bisha K. Ali, Annabel Jones and Jessica Rhoades 
Producers – Dan Winch, Joel Stokes, Kelly Duffell and Louise Sutton

VFX Producer – Josie Henwood 

VFX Coordinator – Kubra Tanyel


Executive VFX Producer – Evren Olgun-Knight 

VFX Line Producer – April-Rae Hughes

VFX Supervisor – Pete Young

VFX Compositors – Jon Berridge, Ken MacRae, Alan Maiden

CG Artists – Zoubein Rana, Rob Millin, Ben Cantor, Joe Maker and Nicholas Smith