After listening to ‘Hide to Seek’, director, Saddiq Abubakar said “I had a dream that she was ascending into the sky whilst playing the saxophone, and now it’s real. Which makes it more of a premonition than a dream I suppose.If my vision was actually a premonition then this music video is actually a psychic phenomenon, a dream that came true.” 


Artist: Laura Misch 
Director and Editor : Saddiq Abubakar
Production Company: OL64
Producer: Tarquin Ramsay
DOP: Kaspar Kamu
Executive Producers: Jauma Masdevalls, Kaspar Kamu, Tarquin Ramsay
Associate Producer: Mabel Evans 
1st Assistant Camera: Lali Coombes
2nd Assistant Camera: Isabella Thompson
Production Assistant: Darcy Norgan 
Colourist: Cristina Baron 
Location: Iona Hutley 
Equipment Services: Shift-4 


VFX Producer: Nadia Rouhipour
VFX Producer: Layla Testi
VFX Artist: Rocio Herrero