With so much conflict in the world it was timely & refreshing to collaborate with Savvas Stavrou on this delicately directed short.  The story follows two opposing young soldiers at the demilitarized Buffer Zone in Cyprus. They fall in love and break free from oppression through music.



Writer / Director: Savvas Stavrou
Producers: Sophie Reynolds, Thomas Hawkins, Peter Stephanou
Co-Producer: Andros Achilleos
Executive Producers: BFI NETWORK, The Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee x Deputy Ministry of Culture, SEE Cinema Network

Starring: Andreas Marcou & Adnan Mustafa

Director of Photography: Anna MacDonald
Production Designer: Lydia Mandridou
Costume Designer: Caterina Ttakka
Makeup & Hair Designer: Ioanna Nika
Editor: Mdhamiri Á Nkemi

Music: Angus MacRae
Songs: Kate Bush, Radiohead and Bon Jovi
Sound Design:  Joakim Sundström
Colourist: Vlad Barin


VFX Executive Producer: Jordan Andreopoulos 

VFX Producer: Nadia Rouhipour 

Compositors: Mark Robinson, Pete Young, Ken Macrae, Warren Gebhardt