The brief for Colony was to create a series of beautiful matte paintings with a cinemagraph like feel to act as a bed for the promo captions as well as use as individual idents.

NBC came up with the concept of a split animation for the typography and wanted to carry this through in the treatment for the imagery. This concept relates back to the show where LA is divided by a wall due to an alien invasion.

We came up with a series of style frames based on research into the show, we looked at familiar LA landmarks and locations that the viewers would easily recognise.

The idea was to stay away from obvious imagery like the wall and alien ships and concentrate more on the aspects of the division that an alien wall could have on the environment.

We decided to have the same image perfectly reflected, however the lower half would be a more dark and sinister version of the upper scene. This would represent the invasion and the subtle changes that it might bring.

The differences are supposed to be subtle and on repeat viewing the viewers will see more subtle details. The hero of the vignettes should be the typography so we kept the movement of the action minimal along with a slight separation of the divisional planes.


Creative Directors: Mark Gouldie, Andrew Clyde
Producer: Amanda Robinson
Post Production: Jam Films – Dan Andrew – Mark Robinson
Post Producer – Evren Olgun
Client: NBC Universal