Greece partners with ADA to digitally store ancient Olympia.  Common Grounds is a new collaboration between Microsoft and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports that harnesses AI to digitally preserve the site of Ancient Olympia for future generations.

JAMVFX studio collaborates to create ancient monuments that build from wireframes to reveal the ancient monuments of Olympia in Greece.

The Phillipeion and Temple of Zeus  were carefully built using digital scans/models supplied by Iconem before they were animated and textured to display the temples as they would have once stood on the ancient site of Olympia


Agency: ADA

Director: Dael Oates

Digital Scanning/Modelling Iconem


VFX Supervisor: Mark Robinson

VFX EP:  Jordan Andreopoulos

CG artists:  Antoni Bartrolli / Alessandro Mariotti / Henrique Bispo