Conventional wisdom tells us that sticks and stones might break your bones but words will never hurt us. In the dangerous world of modern media Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid shrug off great anvils of type and digital nasties without even breaking their stride.

It was a pleasure to work with the ITV creative team to help bring this concept to life. JAM worked closely with the ITV creative from the outset to develop the style of the print type and digital world. We were able to craft a close representation of the exact movement of both the camera and talent which would provide the platform to base the live action upon. Over the next 5 weeks our studio team would continue to work closely with ITV creative to produce this visually compelling and engaging creative.


Director: Michael Baldwin
DOP: Denzil Armour-Brown
Creatives: Anton Ezer, Michael Baldwin
Producer: Deborah Stewart
Editor: Michael Baldwin
Nuke Artist: Dan Andrew
CG Artists: Alex Polo, Luke Busby
Post Producer: Evren Olgun