JAM VFX are pleased to have worked on NBC Universal’s City of crime season creating stand alone idents, promos, inserts and bumpers for its channel 13th Street. 

The premise for the campaign was to create weapon related photoreal CG objects and composite them into real city live action vignettes, carefully matching the scale and perspectives. 

The cities were London, Honolulu, Detroit, Vegas and New York which all related to NBC’s crime season programming. 

The Studio at Jam worked closely with NBC’s creative Andrew Clyde and head of design Mark Gouldie in creating the objects and imbedding them in the scenes. Animatics were produced, shots were camera tracked and final scenes were composited and graded by Dan Andrew and Pete Young using Nuke, Flame and Nuke Studio to create the final scenes.  

The end results can be seen below along with links to the final spots and breakdowns. 

For more information about the project or to work with us on your next project over at Jam, please feel free to email creative@jam.co.uk


Creative Directors: Mark Gouldie, Andrew Clyde
Producer: Amanda Robinson
Post Production: JAM VFX
Client: NBC Universal
Channel: 13th Street