Summer of SUV was NBC universals summer campaign promoting the popular crime show. NBC creative Andrew Clyde teamed up with Dan Andrew at Jam to create a series of promos utilising building projections as the main creative for the promos.

Various animatics, and style frames were created prior to the final promos to ensure the look was right.

A combination of 3D geometry and 3D projections were used to create the final style using C4D for the 3D and Nuke for the compositing and further camera projections.

All shots had to be camera tracked or stabilised, in some cases high resolution stills were created and split into layers to create convincing parallax for the projection to work with.

Versioning of the promos had to be built into the pipeline as the idea was to feature footage from different episodes into the same setups. This pipeline was achieved using Nuke Studio in combination with Nuke to create all the customisable versions.

For more information about the project or to work with us on your next project over at Jam, please feel free to email creative@jam.co.uk


Creative Directors: Mark Gouldie, Andrew Clyde
Producer: Amanda Robinson
Post Production: Jam VFX
Client: NBC Universal