The End of The F***ing World

The End of The F***ing World
Clerkenwell Films

JAM VFX are proud to announce that we have completed over 100 shots in the new 8 part series The End of the F***ing World. Work on this series covered a wide range of both 2D and 3D visual effects work, CG integrations with live plates, matte painting, rig removal, clean up, sky replacements and some fairly gory VFX Produced by Clerkenwell Films, the End of the F***ing World tells the story of a road trip. Like any road trip it inspires the feeling of adventure and journeying out into the unknown. While the End of the F***ing World is no different, this road trip takes a dark turn. Darkly comic and at times difficult to understand where the moral ground should be, TEOTFW invites its viewers on a journey of love, discovery and violence.

The series directors worked closely with JAM VFX in all aspects of the VFX and when asked about JAM’s involvement they said;

“I’d work with Jam again in a heartbeat. Their pragmatic and imaginative approach to each and every task made everything possible.” Lucy Tcherniak

“Working with Jam was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. They worked above and beyond and were able to make clever and interesting decisions that were always based in the story and the world of TEOTFW and that helped make our show even better”. Jonathan Entwistle

Having worked predominantly in the world of short form commercial content, embarking upon The End of the F***ing World presented a raft of new challenges which have provided a fantastic opportunity to show our abilities and grow our team and offering accordingly.

JAM were delighted to join forces with the hugely talented team CHEAT on this. On her experience the Exec Producer Kate said “We had a great experience working with Cheat. Toby is an extremely talented colourist and he has done a fantastic job on the show. I hope to work with Cheat again soon.”


Grade: Toby Tomkins @ CHEAT
VFX: JAM Films
Series Producer: Kate Ogborne
Production Company: Clerkenwell Films
Directors: Jonathan Entwistle, Lucy Tchemiak

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