This magical spot sees an uplifting display of fireflies gravitating towards the new Range Rover L405.  The film resembles a wildlife documentary observing fireflies dancing within the forest canopy.  They travel from the deepest woodland towards the city, delicately moving towards the new PHEV L405.

The JAM team worked on a total of 37 shots and a varying approach was adopted dependent on setting, speed of car, environment, and time of day.  One of the main challenges was making the simulations a delicate attraction and not a menacing swarm, which was identified as a key requirement during the early R&D stages.  A mood film was created to act as a real-world reference illustrating how beautiful and mesmeric the creatures are in their habitat.   We continued to reference this film throughout the process.  The storyboard created upfront was also invaluable as it allowed us to experiment and research techniques adopted throughout the film.

Much effort went into research and development of the insect in question; their flight; glow patterns; how they illuminate their environment and react with each other.  Once the type of species was decided upon they were crafted and brought to life in CGI.  Jam VFX Director and Lead Supervisor Mark Robinson worked closely with 2AM’s director Steve Cope to bring this creative vision to life.  The objectives were clear from the outset, Spark 44’s Global Creative Directors, John Sutcliffe and Martin Cox’s vision was to create a magical uplifting, and observed display of dancing fireflies to celebrate the vehicle but offer a documentary feel.



VFX Supervisor:  Mark Robinson
VFX Lead compositors: Pete Young & Mark Robinson
EP/Producer: Jordan Andreopoulos
JAM Production assistant:  Laura Ecclestone
Nuke: Dan Andrew
Grade: Mark Horrobin
CGI: Thibault Ludovic


Agency: Spark 44
Global CCO: Brian Fraser
Global Creative directors: John Sutcliffe & Martin Cox
Senior Agency Producer: Maggie Blundell
Production Company: 2AM Films
Director: Steve Cope
Exec Producer: Nick Crabb
Producer: Chris Cable
Editor: Phil Currie @ Stitch
Audio: Munzie Thind @ Grand Central