After the hugely successful first series of The End of the F***ing World and its climactic ending it was difficult to imagine what a second series might have in store. The incredibly talented team over at Clerkenwell Films have once again delivered in producing a series that is darkly funny, compelling and emotional.

Jam delivered over 300 shots during a period of 6 weeks, work ranged from simple clean up to complex matte paintings, beauty work & the usual blood and gore FX. It’s rare that projects run this smoothly and it is down in huge part to the team at Clerkenwell and director Lucy Forbes, who had a really clear vision from pre-production and was always on hand to provide directions and support.



VFX Supervisor: Mark Robinson & Pete Young
VFX Compositor: Pete Young, Matt Clarke, Mark Robinson, Hani AlYousif & Hussein Hassani
Producer: Evren Olgun
EP: Jordan Andreopoulos


Directors: Lucy Forbes & Destiny Ekaragha
EP: Andy Baker, Dominic Buchanan, Charlie Covell, Jonathan Entwistle, Murray Ferguson & Ed Macdonald
Producer: Jenny Frayn
Post Production Supervisor: Charlotte Dean

“The team at JAM were brilliant on TEOTFW – creative and collaborative and they always came with a ‘can do’ attitude. They were a total pleasure to work with on both series. It’s not a show people automatically associate with VFX, but that’s because their work is so good that audiences don’t notice it. It just fits seamlessly into the world of the story.”
Andrew Baker, Exec Producer | Clerkenwell Films